Bringing the old Front Row to Leopard with Leopard-Style

One thing that has been really bugging me since I upgraded to Leopard is Front Row. Front Row seems to me like big step backwards from Apple. I have never liked its AppleTV-esque interface that much. When I read that Apple would be bringing AppleTV's inferface to the new Front Row in Leopard I though it would be still as nice as the old one. I was wrong. The new Front Row no longer has that cool transition when launching and closing. I loved the old icon-spinning entrance and the desktop fading out. When choosing any of the options, the old Front Row had a very smooth and nice transition of the icons, now in Leopard they are fast and with a sharp and ugly movement. Also, the fonts in the new Front Row are smaller and may be harder to read for some. If you are playing music in iTunes and you launch Front Row the music stops, and if you are listening to music in Front Row and then exit, the music stops as well. The problem is that doesn't have the "Now Playing" option so now I can't play music directly from my iPod. Well there are lots of things that I don't like from the new Front Row and I have read the same complaints from other people. Thankfully I read some where that it was possible to replace Leopard's front Row with the Tiger's Front Row and I immediately did it on my MacBook but then I noticed it didn't look new anymore so I decided to do some "modding". I replaced all of the icons of Tiger's Front Row for the new icons in Leopard. The same functionality that I have always loved with a slightly new look. Some will say it doesn't look like different other than the "Videos" icon, but if you pay attention to the other icons you can see how the iPhoto icon has the new digital camera and the DVD icon from Leopard is different too.

Okay, If you want this modded version of Front Row download this file and uncompress it. Now, make sure Front Row is not running. You can see if it is running by launching Activity Monitor and look for "Front Row", if it is running just quit the application.
Then go to /System/Library/CoreServices/ and look for Front Row.app and store it somewhere else so you can have it in case you want it back. Now place the Front Row.app you
just uncompressed to this folder and that's it. You don't even have to restart.

Here are some pictures of the original Tiger Front Row and the modded version of it.

EDIT: The link to download the file is working. You can click here as well to download it : http://www.mediafire.com/download/php?t33ghu14cmz

2ND EDIT 2010: I don't know if this longer works in Leopard with so many updates to Leopard, iTunes and Quicktime. I'm unaware even more if it works under Snow Leopard. Warned!



(Not Compatible with Microsoft Windows)


Carson W said...

The download link doesn't work for me! Please help I really want this!

Kike said...

I updated the link to download the file ;)

Joel said...

Awesome, if only I had admin privs at work!
I'll have to wait to do it until I get home.

Jonas said...

Fucking brilliant! Thanks!

/ Jonas

Piekni Chlopcy said...

just what i was looking for
Thank you !!!