New mouse, less buttons... or better put, no buttons.

The replacement to the fugly and useless apple "mighty" mouse is finally here, this time with no buttons yet mightier than its predecessor. It is called Magic Mouse. The whole surface is actually clickable and through software and through its capacitive multi-touch new surface it is able to detect if you do a right click or left click. Gone are the squeeze side buttons to enable exposé and the middle click button on the scroll ball of the Mighty Mouse.

Through gestures you can now scroll, swipe and navigate back and forth through websites and pictures. What you can't do with the Magic Mouse is rotating gestures like on the MacBooks' touchpads and neither the pinch to zoom in or zoom out. Hopefully they could add those gestures in the future but apparently they can't be performed too well since you have to still be holding the mouse with your other fingers.

The mouse comes by default on the new iMacs or can be purchased separately by $69. It is bluetooth and the battery lasts 4 months according to apple.

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